Sunday, January 3, 2010

Iran's Water Cannon Vehicles: Already In Service

There is a story revolving around the blogosphere that Iran has rush ordered armored water cannon vehicles from China, and that they may be headed to Tehran. In reality, a number of Iran's municipalities already possess them. They've been seen at previous year's military parades, including those held in Tehran. Below are photos of such vehicles taken well before the June election. So far, there's no evidence they've been activated for use in riot/crowd dispersal operations post-June 2009 election. These types of vehicles do offer a less-lethal form of riot control and have been used extensively in the West, including Switzerland, Germany, France and even Seattle, USA.

This is an Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force (IRIPF, or NAJA) armored water cannon vehicle on display in Isfahan. Visible is the large front-mounted, angled blade.

Another view of the IRIPF vehicle in the background. Visible are the top mounted (unmanned) dual water cannon stations.


Anonymous said...
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No Problem said...

Such tools are little more than insignificant inonveniences for a people on the move.
The Shah had all these and more during the 1979 revolution, and I know from memory that the people torched his water cannons (not to mention the much more formidable tanks) in short order. No problem!

Anonymous said...

like iran is the only country that has and uses these? stop making a big deal out of it. the conflict is near over to your will mr. uskowi. Things are about to become better so your "dokan" here will be less busy in the future.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be other models of these water cannons available. See some lethal ones at:

And if you have the money they can make even more lethal ones !

Mark Pyruz said...

Anon 3:28:
There is no substantial configurational difference between the AWCV in the story being circulated, and the AWCVs already in NAJA service.

If NAJA (IRIPF) were politically mandated to make things "more lethal", I suspect they'd start issuing AK-47 rifles to their policemen, or even introduce police AFV's onto the streets of Tehran.