Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Assassination of Dr. Masoud Alimohammadi

Scenes from the bomb blast in front of
Dr. Alimohammadi's house
Tehran. 12 January 2010. MEHR Photo

The assassination of the Iranian physics professor outside his home in northern Tehran today and the government’s handling of the bomb attack are creating more questions than answers.

1. Dr. Masoud Alimohammadi was a professor of elementary particle physics at the University of Tehran (specializing in particle and theoretical physics). There are no indications that he was a nuclear scientist, as announced by the government.

2. AP is reporting that a spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), Ali Shirzadian, has said that Dr. Alimohammadi had no links to the agency. IAEO is the agency responsible for Iran’s nuclear program (at least the civilian side of it).

3. The photos taken after the bombing indicate potmarks concentrated on the gate of Alimohammadi’s house. Some people posting comments on this blog have questioned that the device was an IED, tending to identify it as a military anti-personnel mine with directional blast. Others point out that the damage done in that large of an area is too much to be from anti-personnel device; with the damage showing the precise location where the bomb was placed.

4. The over-hasty cleaning operation of the crime scene, even as police investigators and plainclothes security personnel were still at the scene, raises questions on government’s ability or willingness to identify the real killers.

Dr. Masoud Alimohammadi was an early supporter of the Green opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi. He was among the 400 concerned scientists that had signed an open letter in support of Mousavi.


Mark Pyruz said...

On looking over the new Mehr pics, I'm inclined to believe this may have been a type 3 IED with an AP component.

Initial press reports stated that the bomb was located on a motorcycle, and the victim was in his car at the time of R/C detonation. It is a curious thing that the auto sustained greater damage (including visible fire damage) than the motorcycle. However, this could possibly be explained by the design and placement of the explosive device.

There are no photos available of a crater.

Highly unorthodox access for members of the press to be granted seemingly unlimited at a relatively fresh crime scene.

IRIPF crime scene procedure is definitely different than current US standards. In some ways, it is reminiscent of the US during the 1960's and early 70's. I still haven't detected anyone on the scene who appears to be a member of a dedicated forensic team.

A video also shows the destroyed auto and motorcycle being towed away. The bomb wrecked motorcycle is actually hauled off in a compact pickup truck with half a dozen IRIPF conscript soldiers sharing a ride in the bed with the bike! Doesn't appear crime scene contamination is of any great concern.

Mark Pyruz said...

I've just seen another video with better details. The motorcycle is, in fact, in far worse condition than the other vehicles (at least three) severely damaged by the blast. Not much more than a severely twisted frame and damaged engine unit remain of the shattered bike. There does not appear to be extensive fire damage on any of the vehicles, as previously thought. There does appear to be a lot of debris on the ground, suggesting an anti-personnel IED. The narrow street alley looks to have amplified the explosive effect.

In the film clip, at least a dozen spectators are seen roaming through the crime scene.

Anonymous said...

video before the police clean up

numerous publications but seemingly not related to nuclear physics

Anonymous said...

video same as in your previous post comment. sorry

Anonymous said...

I think you are giving too much precedence to the "Green Movement", these soo called "green groups" are in cahoots with the Washington Think-Tanks especially the NeoCons. I am sure that the proud Iranian nation will never allow these traitors to continue much longer. Imagine these same traitors were in the "Land of the Free" they would be in Gitmo by now being waterboarded. Just to let you know no major crime have ever been solved in the UK by the authorities, it is mainly solved thru bribes(reward) and I think you have been watching crime series on the TV to comment on a "bad crime scene"

Alborz said...

to kill an excellent scientist because of 1 supporting letter for mussavi ?

that is crazy, makes no sense

the background may never be cleared.

Anonymous said...

frist he was not supporter of moussavi secoundly he pro government was thirdly usa and israel must be vary caution at this time the big blast will be comming soon to them basiji leader make worring to them that mean few high ranking usa and israel official vary shortly be assasson by special forces in israel and afghanistan and saudi this conter strike comming to the by this week.final moussavi and karrobi finshed for all the back in the history book then next generation will realised what was they trining to do in iranian history,nation is most strongest as ever are ready for final fight to finshed intire unwanted forces in the middle east that is commig very soon.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a facsimile of a petition signed by Prof. Alimohammadi (and other academics) at University of Tehran's Physics Department, protesting against the attack by the regime's security forces and Basij militias against students dorms during which several students 'disappeared' and others hospitalized due to savage beatings. It is dated June 15, 2009 (3 days after the disputed presidential election):


Counter Terorrism.2005.02.14.lebanon said...

Isn't this terrorist attack?