Thursday, August 6, 2009

Israel will attack Iran by the end of 2009

Former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, says a military strike against Iran will be the only way for Israel to shield itself, before Iran develops its nuclear weapons program.

An Israeli attack on Iran could have disastrous consequences (for both sides) and could result in several things happening at once, including (as already threatened by the Islamic Guards) the closing off of the Strait of Hormuz which could bring down a hefty amount of the world economy overnight and the retaliatory firing of Iranian long range ballistic missiles (such as the Shahab-3) at Israeli nuclear sites such as Dimona.


Anonymous said...

The post title is misleading. Because John Bolton says it is so does not make it so. Bolton was saying that Israel would launch an attack on Iran last year as well. (See Israel 'will attack Iran' before new US president sworn in, John Bolton predicts)

In my mind, the primary appeal of Uskowi on Iran is that I can come here for news and not find constant innuendo and paranoia about either mad mullahs out to end the world by one side or or nefarious Zionists conspiracies by the other.

If that is not the case anymore (My concern is based on this, as well as the other recent Russia Times story), this site becomes redundant.

Anonymous said...

the Armageddon war between Israel and Iran will happen one day, more probable to happen before Iran advances in its missile technology, this is inevitable and will happen, whethere you like it or not....

Anonymous said...

Israel is not in the habbit of attacking countries that can bite back.

John Bolton is a nobody that barks louder than his capacity.

Nobody takes John Bolton seriously , since his swinger record was leaked by his ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous" comment dated Aug. 7,09:

You said "Israel is not in the habit of attacking countries that can byte back".
Then how do you explain that in 1967 (after Egypt closed the Suez Canal for passage of Israeli ships - which was a declaration of war), Israel did attack and win the Six Day War against the combined armies of Egypt (the biggest arab power), Syria, Jordan and Iraq ?? I think you are trying to present Israel in a negative light, when in reality all the military academies are teaching the way the Israelis are fighting...

Anonymous said...

To anony August 10 / well my friend firstly: The Arabs are not much of a warior pack
secondly: the Air Force that did the job for Israel was actually the US Air Force.
thirdly: Israel with its 6 million of which 2 million are Arabs and the rest (4 million ) are above average old enough to be your grandfather

apart from it all, in 1967, the world was on Israeli side (even Iran) and now,??? only 5+1 is on Israeli side.

I could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Israel will have to attack and it appears soon, the US even with no balls obama will have to support them. We all have to understand that you cannot let Iran get Nukes, their crazy leaders want to start a war and they believe their messiah will come afterwards. there is no way to talk to them face it! they are all insane! only way to stop a madman is to kill him before he kills you.