Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mousavi's Letter of Support to Karrubi

Iran’s opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi in a letter written to Mehdi Karrubi lauded his courage in disclosing the abuse of the detainees inside prisons. Karrubi had alleged the detainees had been raped and abused while in custody.

“Your letter exposing the ugliness of the way some of the detainees have been treated in prisons has made anti-Iran media and pro-coup newspapers very apprehensive. What does their apprehension telling us? Are there more horrendous news coming out that we are unaware of as of yet,” Mousavi said in his letter [Mouj, 18 August 2009, Farsi link to the original post].

"It is the main duty of revolutionary clergy to reflect the realities, but some have closed their eyes and ignored this responsibility," Mousavi told Karrubi, putting senior clerics on notice that they need to speak out on this moral issue.

"I praise your courage and commitment and hope your efforts would be strengthened by the voices of other pillars of the progressive clergy," Mousavi said at the end of his letter to Karrubi.

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mussavi supports karubi letter

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