Sunday, August 9, 2009

Warden of Notorious Kahrizak Prison Arrested

The warden of the notorious Kahrizak prison was arrested today in Tehran on charges of torturing detainees arrested during post-election protests.

"After an investigation of the Kahrizak detention centre, the head of the centre was arrested,” said Tehran’s Police Chief Brig. Gen. Esmaeil Ahmadi-Moqaddam.

"There have been some violations in this centre and some of the officials there have not followed instructions.

"I was also responsible for some of the incidents there and do not want to escape responsibility.

"There have however been clear instructions not to take students to that place [Kahrizak Prison] and not confront them physically," Gen. Moqaddam said.

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Author: Galen Wright said...

Interesting, when I first read about the arrests, I assumed they would be arresting the guards and lower-level Basij. In other words, they would be sacrificing the pawns in much the same manner as the Abu Ghraib trials in the US, however the arrest (and presumably prosecution) indicates that this is a genuine crackdown on abuse.