Thursday, August 27, 2009

US Air Force to Speed Purchase of MOP

US Air Force said on Thursday that it was speeding the purchase of 10 to 12 precision-guided 30,000-pound Massive Ordnance Penetrators (MOP), a.k.a bunker buster bombs.

Suspected Iranian and North Korean underground nuclear sites have been stated as the justification to acquire MOPs, built by Boeing, and to integrate them aboard long-range bombers. The MOP is designed to destroy deeply-buried targets beyond the reach of existing bombs.

Radar-evading B-2 bombers could be capable of the carrying the MOPs by July 2010, an Air Force spokesman told the reporters today [Reuters, 27 August].


Paul Iddon said...

I wouldn't put too much hope in these radar evading stealth planes, remember the one shot down by the Serbs in 1999?

They've pretty much already covered the threat of underground North Korean sites by giving South Korea bunker busters of their own.

However a MOP would cause less collateral damage since it won't leave off radiation like those mini nukes put forward by George W. Bush.

Kemjika said...

Obama shows to still be as militarily aggressive as Bush is-NATO´s continued expansionism, afghanistan getting more serious etc. Afghanistan will still drain America, and will be a failure when reelection in america comes up..