Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Iran Lawmaker: The Three Americans Came as Spies

Shane Bauer, one of the three Americans detained by the Iranians, shown
on a screen grab of his website "about" section. He introduces himself as
a freelance journalist and photographer based in the Middle East

The three Americans crossed the boder near Iranian town of Marivan

Dokan Resort, Iraqi Kurdistan
The three Americans were last seen in the resort before hiking in the region

The chairman of National Security Committee of Majlis (Iranian parliament) Mohammad Karim Abedi told Iran’s state-run Arabic television Al-Alam today that the authorities are deciding whether the three Americans arrested in Iran last Friday will be accused of spying. The authorities had earlier confirmed the arrests. Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal, all UC Berkley graduates, strayed across Malakh-Khor border from Iraq near the Iranian town of Marivan while hiking in the region and were surrendered and detained by Iran’s border police.

Abedi told Al-Alam that he personally believed the three came as spies but authorities are still deciding whether there is proof to bring legal action against them.


Anonymous said...

Imagin it is 1942 during ww2 and you is sit watch t.v in hamburger germany and from your window there is a line of defense from german panzer division and two SS infantry brigades. then they catch as prisoners two american and one english persons and they ask them why you is here? and they say brother! we is site seeing and we is hikers! lol

Anonymous said...

too much information on the tourists were given on a very multiple level too soon.

Remember the Kennedy assassination !!??, after the killing suddenly too much information was available on Oswald worldwide, some time zones were even ahead of Oswald being officially declared the assassin in the USA. That was fishy then and still is fishy now.

The same goes for these people, seems like a scenario of "just in case got caught"