Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stalin-era Trials in Iran

Mohammad Ali Abtahi (second from right),
a cleric, prominent reformist and a former vice president
on trial along with 100 other defendants
Tehran. 1 August 2009. IRNA
( Note that Abtahi is holding a pre-written "confession")

Iran opened trials today for approximately 100 defendants charged with “leading and participating in riots, acting against national security, disturbing public order, damaging public and government property,” and “having relations with anti-revolutionary groups.” Several prominent moderates and pro-reform figures were among the defendants.

The trials, reminiscent of Stalin-era trials for some of the top Soviet leaders, will feature “confessions” of the accused, held more than 40 days in prison under torture.

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Mehdi said...

Although, I don't have a problem believing they have tortured young/hothead rioters. I feel they will be more careful with well-known people like Abtahi who have broad support base and media access, who are also insiders and close to the inside circles.