Friday, August 7, 2009

Capture of $18.5 Billion in Gold and Currency at Turkish Border

Turkey's Kanal D Video

The video above, narrated in Turkish, is a report on the capture last October of gold and cash worth $18.5 billion from an Iranian citizen crossing the border with Turkey. The alledged smuggler is Ismael Safarian-Navab, now believed to be a former general officer at IRGC.

Iran's government-run Press TV had reported on 4 August that the Central Bank of Iran was investigating the transfer of $18.5 billion in gold and cash from Iran to Turkey.


Anonymous said...

based on what report/evidence do u say he name is ibrahim safari navab and a former general of the irgc?

Nader Uskowi said...

The alledged smuggler was first identified by Turkish media and the Turkish officials. After ID, I based his possible IRGC affiliation on my knowledge of the country and after checking with my contacts.

Anonymous said...

and who are your contacts so that you can make your statement credible? otherwise, you are just another media twister!

Nader Uskowi said...

Why don't you send an email under your real name, we can then discuss the issue.

Anonymous said...

Thats Rafsanjanis money taken over, Turkey is keeping it for him.

Iran is going to make sure Turkey keeps them and signs many business contracts with Turkey and so stoping Rafsanjanis sons from getting the money back.

This my friends is chapter 2 of Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad conflict.