Monday, July 28, 2008

Talks Before an Attack?

The Jerusalem Post today is quoting top Israeli defense officials as saying that recent talks the US held with Iran were aimed at creating legitimacy for a potential attack against Iranian nuclear facilities.

“This way they will be able to say they tried everything,” an official told The Jerusalem Post. “This increases America's chances of gaining more public support domestically as well as the support of European nations which are today opposed to military action.”

A top Israeli defense official, however, told The Jerusalem Post that any attack on Iran is not imminent.

“There is a lot of strategic thinking concerning Iran going on right now but no one has yet to make a decision what to do,” the official said. “We are still far away from the point where military officers are poring over maps together planning an operation.”

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Baraq today headed to Washington for talks with senior US officials.


Kemjika said...

Before US gets "public support" as stated in this article, the economy, Afghanistan, IRaq, Domestic issues need to get resolved. NO one should kid themselves- Bush has tarnished this administrations' legitimacy and integrity. Europeans will not accept any reason for attacking iran as good enough, and Americans are poorer, and that is a MAJOR issue americans want fixed, rather than some other countries "nukes", which weren't even found in iraq, after all the accusations. This possible attack has no surprise effect, which already means it won't be as effective, and human intelligence, ONCE AGAIN, is faulty on ISrael + US's part,which will lead to more inefficiencies in this attack they are orchestrating. You can bet your last $$ the iranian military is cranking out more weapons to fight this coming war. Its kind of interesting how the US military is getting more "advanced", but they are having a harder time putting down their enemies these days...

Anonymous said...

I think this is more hopeful thinking than sober analysis. America has started haggling for peace, and this Administration is far too idealogical to turn it's back on all it's war rhetoric domestic capital spent demonizing negotiations for some kind of 'legitimacy' that no one is going to grant them for a military option most of it's top defense officials have all but publicly taken off the table.

Did you see Brian Williams fawning over President Ahmadinejad in the their most recent TV interview? Even the American corporate media seems to be able to smell the winds changing.