Friday, July 11, 2008

Notes on the Missiles of Holy Prophet III

It is obvious that the missiles fired during Great Prophet III were intended to achieve political purposes, but economic aspects of the event should not be overlooked. Iran's primary intent was to once again demonstrate its power of deterrence against a foreign attack by Israel and the United States. But in addition, it was also serving its own short term economic interests, knowing full well that the move would increase the price of crude oil on the world market. Doing so using proven assets from its ballistic missile force makes perfect sense, in terms of cost expenditure and intelligence exposure. The results of this relatively cheap exercise were phenomenal on the world stage. US television news at the local level even picked up the story. The price of crude oil has jumped accordingly. For the cost of a handful of ordinary missiles, Iran's oil revenue has increased measurably. That the demonstration disappointed certain observers intent on seeing a demonstration of technological advancement is really beside the point, as is the usual practice of Iranian press irregularities, this time in the form of a single doctored photograph posted on the internet. From Iran's perspective, Holy Prophet III appears to have served its purposes well.

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