Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tehran: Pro-Government MP Resigns in Protest

Hojatoleslam Ruhollah Hosseinian
Resigning from Majlis in Protest of Growing Influence of the Opposition
Mehr News Agency Photo

Hojatoleslam Ruhollah Hoseinian, representing Tehran in Iranian Majlis and one of the staunchest supporters of President Ahmaidenejad resigned today from the parliament, denouncing the growing influence of the opposition in Majlis.

“The reformist faction within the Majlis has become the darling of the Speaker and we [the conservatives] are driven out and loosing our influence by the day,” Hosseinian said in his letter of resignation published today.

“I consider myself a disillusioned and defeated man when I see the chairman of Majlis National Defense Committee is one of the conspirators responsible for calling [the outcome of the presidential] election a fraud,” Hosseinian added.

Today’s resignation of Tehran’s influential lawmaker is the latest manifestation of a deepening rift among the leading politicians in Iran on handling the Green Movement, the most serious anti-government grassroot movement in Islamic Republic’s thirty-year history.


Anonymous said...

a pro-government MP resigns, out of 200.
The people leaving their jobs, if they donot like to continue

The MP are also ordinary people, they can resign or join to the another party, faction.
.That is nothing special in the world.

but the conclusion of Mr Uskowi is more and less wishful thinking

Anonymous said...

they did not translate properly of his point of view secoundly the senate must approved his resignation which i do not believe he get the vote of confidence to get approval his point was deep rooted to leadership and how someone is trying to get fishing in salow water he reffered to irgc and basij to fight curoption againest green party those people try to take advantage of right of people,mean green party> ,please note the inglish translation is not right of his caracter he absolutly believe of islamic republic of iran leadership and roll of law plus the covernment he opposed shahayi and carracter in he has work as mp for 12 years and had high valuem in the senat.