Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obama warns Iran of 'consequences'

President Obama today stated that Iran should accept the IAEA-backed proposal, warning if it didn't make the right choice that consequences would follow.

The president has already renewed sanctions against Iran so one has to wonder what consequences he is talking about?
The proposed crippling sanctions is the most likely option "on the table" in the case that Iran refuses the proposal.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has stated:

"Iran will not send its 3.5-percent-enriched uranium out of the country. That means we are considering exchanging the enriched uranium inside Iran.

Iran has called for modifications to the deal, reiterating that its “economic and technical” concerns have to be reserved regarding the proposal.


Anonymous said...

OBAMA got the peace prize. his warning mean nothing! hot air!

Anonymous said...

west and usa do not have any chooses to accept iran way reason behinded iran want more section to used that for his levrages to produced 20% for his medical purpose therefore any section in regard like fire to make them strong that west and usa know it well in politic obama using tacktical level which it is not work at this level to them old policy so russian in the midle does not have clear solution for it for russian iran is the most importan reliable partner for strong strategely grow for them to lose iran to lost political domination in all intire world that mean in short run may gain but long run will be posh in the corner west and usa knowes well how to push rusian in the corner political block that the risk russian going to do should go by iran and get with china word domination or go deal west and slowly out of political leverages.

Anonymous said...

How do you say "gag on it" in swahili ??