Monday, November 16, 2009

Bushehr Completion Delayed

Moscow says Bushehr nuclear power plant will not go online this year as scheduled. The project, being built by Russia, is now 10 years behind schedule.

“We will reach significant results regarding this issue by the end of 2009, but the plant itself won’t be launched,” Russia’s Energy Minister Sergey Shmatko said. [RT, 16 November].

UPDATE: Mahmoud Ahmadi-Biqash, spokesman for Iranian Majlis foreign policy and security commission, reacted to the news of delay in Bushehr:

"The Russians have never told us the truth and just followed their own interests - the Bushehr power plant will never be completed by Russia," Ahmadi-Biqash told ISNA. "The Russians are playing with Iran over Bushehr for twenty years and even if we waited another 200 years, this power plant would not get ready." [ISNA, 16 November].

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Anonymous said...

in few days iran see true face of russian once again that is remind of history of 1912 and 1942 that never ever trust russian buy any mean that why they should immadiatly cancel the project of nuclear power plan from russian and finished by themself also busher power plan is just political tooles for iranian government that why they building two nuclear power plan in iran by themself is much better and modern than russian garbage. second they are know russian contract will never finished that cancelation intire project with russian is on the way that why russian will go back in the corner again without iran policy russian can not go anywhere that mean rusian political level can not handle west and usa pressuer any longer that is lost of influece in the midle east in the future.