Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obama, Obama: You’re either with them or with us!

Pro-Green anti-government protestors chanting a new slogan during their demonstration in Iran today, asking President Obama to support their cause:
Obama, Obama: Ya Ba Ona Yi, Ya Ba Ma ("Obama, Obama: You're either with them or with us").


Anonymous said...

this is for west and usa plus israel is vary dengers game first they are will know how information come from second their are no way as big as the first time in jun 12 to jun 24 that mean their are ready for big step to make large level of strike againest usa and israel pluse some in gulf area do not deccive youself in few days when nuclear talk fails then next you have to face reall war are you ready for it?

Anonymous said...

this slogan doesnt seem to be original. resorting to Obama to come and give them democracy the uncle Sam way in form of bombs, will make the green movement go nowhere and in fact back fire!