Monday, November 30, 2009

Shmatko in Tehran - Correction

A day after Russia voted at IAEA to censure Iran over its nuclear program, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki (at right) arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian Energy Minister Sergey Shmatko (center). Fars Photo

Correction: Russian Energy Minister Sergey Schmatko visited Tehran and held talks with Mottaki. Our apologies to our readers for reporting that Mottaki had visited Shmatko in Moscow.


Luisa said...

Doesn't change much but the Russian Minister went to Iran and probably pre-planned in advance

Anonymous said...

iran will not make any head way with russian in regard of ecconomy and military erea since russian compromized has not been delievered in many way best to make deal in ukrain bularussian and other than russian by itself unless russian relaized iran is the most important alliad to push russian forward not the west and usa /west and usa will able to put russian in a level of bankrubcy but all world is not capable to put iran in same senario as did to russian in several time in history so russian may gain the ground for short time to stand with west gainest iran but in midle way west again push russian in the corner.,russian have his stick to go with usa which usa faces mount of death in ecconomy and military mistake in his shoulder or stand with china to eat usa slowly and finally seprate that nation in many part. iran russian and china has the capability to do it in manner of few years no dream about it it is a reality to do more budget in political way and crushing of usa possible .

Nader Uskowi said...

My apologies to our reader. The Russian minister visited Tehran, not vice versa.