Saturday, November 21, 2009

IRIADF Air Defense Drill of Iran's Nuclear Sites

IRIADF Brig. Gen. Ahmad Mighani

A senior air defense commander said on Saturday that the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force (IRIADF) will conduct five days of maneuvers involving simulated attacks on the country's nuclear sites.

"From tomorrow (Sunday), we will start a big aerial defense maneuver that will last for five days, covering an area of some 600,000 square kilometers in north, southwestern Iran and parts of south and central Iran," Brigadier General Ahmad Mighani, the air defense chief, stated to Fars news agency.

The aim of the Asemane Velayat 2 exercise is to train for aerial threats posed by potential adversaries to Iran's nuclear facilities, including enemy reconnaissance to actual assault, and also to improve cooperation among different participating units.

"Due to the threats against our nuclear facilities, it is our duty to defend our nation's vital facilities, and thus this maneuver covers Bushehr, Fars, Isfahan, Tehran and western provinces," Mighani added.

"Our unit (IRIADF) will be in charge of the maneuver, but there will also be units from the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij (militia)," he added.

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