Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sky of Velayat 2 (photos)

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ZU-23-2 23 mm anti-aircraft twin autocannon in action.

Oerlikon 35 mm anti-aircraft twin autocannon in concealed position.

MIM-23B I-HAWK surface-to-air missile (SAM).

ZU-23-2 23 mm anti-aircraft twin autocannon (China Type 85). Soldier in foreground equipped with gas mask and HK G3 assault rifle.

Oerlikon 35 mm AAA in action.

ZU-23 guns mounted atop specially modified vehicles. Gunners wear Iranian chemical defense ensembles.

Motorized MANPADS team equipped with Misagh-2 shoulder-launched infrared guided surface-to-air missile. Soldiers wear the new IRIADF camo patern BDUs.

39N6E KASTA-2E2 radar antenna, likely associated with the Tor missile system.

2nd from right: IRIADF commander Brig. Gen. Mighani surveys the air drill. Note the clergy member of the Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense HQ, at his side.

Photos: Fars News Agency, Mehr News Agency and ISNA.


Anonymous said...

mighani is the man

Anonymous said...

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Winston said...

Quite laughable and funny...