Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Look at the Sejil Launch (video)

The Sejil could be a development of the Ashoura. (Perhaps the Iranians are naming each developmental increment by a new name?) Photos and video of the Ashoura were not included for its launch on November 2007. Jeffrey Lewis at Arms Control Wonk cites sketches of the Ashoura available at MDA that appear roughly similar to the Sejil. Comparisons are also being made to the Pakistani Shaheen II missile.

According to Paul in the comments section at ACW: This missile is completely different from the Shahab variety and represents a significant advance on the part of Iran. A two stage solid fuel missile; distinctly different long and white smoke trail; much faster initial acceleration than Shahab-3; and what appears to be a gimbaled vernier engine for the second stage (same basic design for the Safir satellite launch vehicle). Range is probably more than 2,000 km, or perhaps the warhead weight is heavier than Shahab-3, bringing the range down to “only” 2,000 km.

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Kemjika said...

yup, Iran's military is in overdrive mode right now. I'm sure more $$ is getting pumped into the IRGC, and alot more missiles are getting produced now.