Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hezbollah orders Russian ATGMs

DEBKA file is reporting that a Hezbollah delegation made its way to Moscow, where it was treated to a demonstration of Russian ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles). Reportedly, they ordered 3,000 missiles of various types, to be paid for by Iran.

Several weeks ago, DEBKAfile reported that Syria had supplied the Shiite group with anti-air missiles supported by radar stations. They are already deployed on two Lebanese peaks, Mt. Sannine and Jebel Barukh, which Hizballah controls.

If these reports are accurate, it would signal an enhancement of defensive military strength for Hezbollah.

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Kemjika said...

yup, Looks like Iran and Hezbollah have figured another war is on the way, so we might as well stock up.......oh man. If Israel doesn't have GREAT intelligence to take out most of Hezbollah assets, they are in for another controversial war.