Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ahmadinejad congratulates Obama

From PressTV:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a message to the US President-elect Barack Obama, has congratulated him on his victory.

"I congratulate your Excellency on receiving the majority of votes in the [presidential] election. You know that the opportunities given by the God to the people are transitory, they could be used for the progress of the people or against them. I am hopeful that by preferring the real needs of the people over the the insatiable demands of a selfish and corrupt minority, you take the chance and make a good name for yourself in history," Ahmadinejad said in his message.

"... the world's nations expect that [US] policies based on warmongering, occupation, bullying, deceit, humiliation of other nations and, discriminating and unfair relations that has led to the hatred of the US rulers by all the nations and most of the world governments, would turn into a behavior based on justice, respect for the rights of [other] people and nations, friendship and noninterference in others' affairs," the message said.

The Iranian president also called on the United States to limit its interference to its own borders.

"... and in particular, in the sensitive Middle East region, it is expected that the 60-year-old unjust behavior [of the US] would change into giving back the nations especially, the innocent Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan people their full rights."

Democrat Barack Obama defeated his Republican rival John McCain by a wide margin in the US presidential election on November 4, to become the first African-American to assume the Oval Office.

Many believe that the election of Barack Obama has raised prospects of 'change' in US policy. Obama, with 'Change We Need' being his campaign slogan, has promised to make a change for the better in the United States and the world.

The great Iranian nation welcomes fundamental, just and real changes in the [US] policies and behavior particularly in the Middle East region, Ahmadinejad stated.

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