Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ISIS Nuclear Site.

The Institute for Science and International Security has launched a new web site dedicated to Iran’s nuclear program. It can be accessed here. The site’s welcome message is as follows:
This [ISIS] website seeks to make available in a single location a broad array of information about Iran's nuclear program, from its history dating back to the 1960s, to the ongoing swirl of diplomatic activity aimed at halting its uranium enrichment activity, to commercial satellite imagery and ground photos of nuclear-related sites. The Nuclear Sites section provides information and, where available, images, about the many facilities that make up its nuclear program. From the Sky is an interactive tool we have developed using Google maps that allows users to see a broad, annotated overview of Iran's facilities. NuclearIran News offers brief analysis and commentary on recent developments. All ISIS reports on Iran's nuclear program are provided below under the Iran Reports tab. The Documents section contains links to every IAEA report on Iran since 2003, as well as United Nations Security Council resolutions and the texts of various diplomatic initiatives generated by Iran, the European Union and others. The FAQ section answers frequently asked questions about Iran's nuclear program and the nuclear fuel cycle. We invite readers to visit the Links section which lists many other websites and blogs dedicated to Iran and/or issues of nonproliferation.

H/T to Dr. Jeffrey Lewis @ ACW

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