Saturday, November 8, 2008

Iran to use AN-140 to Patrol Borders

From Fars News Agency:
Iran will need an additional 20 An-140 turboprop aircraft to ensure effective patrols of its national borders, an Iranian aircraft industry official said.

The Iranian HESA company has so far produced five An-140 passenger planes at a facility in Esfahan under license (as IRAN-140) and eight other aircraft are being assembled by Iranian specialists trained in Russia and Ukraine.

The An-140 is a short-range turboprop airliner, developed by Russia's Antonov design bureau as a replacement for the An-24 series aircraft. It can carry up to 52 passengers or can be used as a patrol or military transport aircraft.

Russia's Antonov aircraft manufacturing company and Ilyushin Finance aircraft leasing company promoted a new Russian-Ukrainian An-148 regional medium-haul passenger jet at the Iranian air show (took place from October 28th to 31st in Kish Island).

Iranian officials stated, though, that the An-148 negotiations had just started and the outcome would depend on the competitiveness of the Ukrainian-Russian plane on the Iranian market.

In its basic modification, the An-148 is designed to carry 70-90 passengers up to 5,000 kilometers. It costs an estimated 20 million dollars to produce, which is cheaper than Sukhoi's Superjet 100 (around 28 million dollars).

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