Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ghadir class submarine construction

Photos of a Ghadir class submarine under construction at a Bandar Abbas shipyard, August 2010.
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Bow view of what may be Ghadir class hull number 949

Stern view, displaying its assymetrical/skewed propeller design

Photos: Amir Hossein Khorgoui/Iranian Students News Agency


Anonymous said...

Looks good for a medium sized submarine and ideal for shallow Persian Gulf waters. Iran should focus on underwater "swarming" tactics like the German U-boats and wolfpack strategy. The narrows of the Persian Gulf and shallow waters with a jagged coastline running a thousand kilometers with many coves, natural harbors and inlets are ideal for FAC missile boats, coastal SSM, coastal artillery, rocket forces and subs that can easily be protected from the shores.

mat said...

Iran is advancing better and better in the field of science and tecnology.Congratulation!.May god bless them.

Anonymous said...

Rules of ASYMMETRIC warfare:

Rule 1

Rule 2: hide beneath the waves


Anonymous said...

Rule 3: Don't show your submarine design and dimensions and features so that its noise signature can be simulated, and the vessel itself then detected and blasted out of water moments after "hiding under the waves".

And here is a real sub for you:

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, sure looks like the Jaguar E-type ("penis on wheels") of subs!

Dimensions (rule3): let me guess, big enough to be one of your many Weapons of Mass Destruction ?

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Iran is showing to confuse... I would

Anonymous said...

Great pics:

Anonymous said...

Your submarine is NO match to USA's deadliest and stealthiest Los Angeles Class submarine!!!

Good luck, all of your submarines will be destroyed in just minutes after the war starts.

Anonymous said...

By the year 2020 Iran will have the technology to build biplanes.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry about biplanes, because Iran is preparing a launch of new medium (bigger) size of submarine in coming months.