Monday, August 30, 2010

Former Tehran Prosecutor to Face Trial on Murder Charges

The Iranian Judiciary today suspended Tehran's notorious former prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi and two judges over the deaths of three protesters last year in Kahrizak jail during the height of the Green Movement. The victims, Mohammad Kamrani, Amir Javadifar and Mohsen Ruholamini, were killed in prison under torture. One of the victims, Mohsen Ruholamini, was the son of a leading figure in the Islamic Republic. They were protesting against President Ahmadinejad’s disputed victory in his reelection.

After the reports of serious wrongdoing at Kahrizak spread in Tehran, the prison was closed down on the order of the supreme leader and Mortazavi was removed from his post as Tehran’s prosecutor. But Ahmadinejad immediately appointed him as the head of Iran’s anti-narcotic force. The suspension of Mortazavi today by the judiciary from the latter post would pave the way for his trial on charges of murder.

Mortazavi was also believed to be involved in the death of the Iranian-Canadian photographer Zahra Kazemi who died in custody in 2003. During his six years as Tehran prosecutor, Mortazavi was also responsible for shutting down dozens of reformist publications and jailing journalists.

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