Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great Prophet IV Wargames, Stage 1 - Updated

The first day of "Great Prophet IV" (Payambar-e Azam) wargames included test firing of the Fateh-110, Tondar-69 and Zelzal missile systems. These three types are solid-fueled, short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM).

Brigadier General Hossein Salami, head of the IRGC Air Force, told reporters that the IRGC tested an experimental multiple launcher for the first time. Fars News Agency provided a photo of a dual launcher setup for the Zelzal missile system.

"The message of the war game for some arrogant countries which attempt to intimidate us is that we are able to give a proper, strong answer to their hostility quickly," Press TV quoted Brigadier General Salami as saying. He said the missiles successfully hit their targets. He further stated that Iranian engineers had enhanced the speed and precision of the missiles so they could be used in short-term or quick engagements. Now these missiles are able to be launched from positions that are not as easy to hit, he added.

Iran's Fateh missile has a range of 155 miles (250 kilometers), and is the most accurate missile in the IRGC arsenal. Fateh means "conqueror" in Farsi and Arabic. The Tondar-69 (CSS-8), meaning "thunder" in Farsi, has a range of about 95 miles (150 kilometers). Zelzal missiles, which come in three variants, have ranges of 95, 130 and 250 miles (150, 210 and 400 kilometers). Zelzal in Farsi means "earthquake".

Brigadier General Salami said the IRGC would test newly modified medium-range Shahab-1 and Shahab-2 missiles on Sunday night and long-range Shahab-3 missiles on Monday, during the drill which is set to last several days.


Specific aims of the Great Prophet IV missile exercises:
- Analysis of technical developments and tactics
- Increase accuracy
- Reducing the missile launch timing using new navigational systems
- New modifications to the warheads
- Using unprepared launch sites
- Testing multiple warheads
- Coordinated launch timing of multiple rockets and missiles
- Multiple launch coordination from unprepared sites to predetermined targets
- Reducing launch preperation timing

Above: IRGC Sukhoi Su-25UBK attack planes participating in the wargame.


Paul Iddon said...

I like the Su-25 a lot, it's a simple rugged airplane and does the job while keeping it simple =)

Mark Pyruz said...

These IRGC "Frogfoots" fly frequent missions against drug bands operating on the Iranian border with Afghanistan and Pakistan.