Thursday, September 24, 2009

Iranian Motorized MANPADS Teams - Updated

Two teams on two motorcycles, armed with the Misagh-2 man-portable infrared guided surface to air missile (MANPADS).

Note camouflage full-face helmets worn by motorbike operators (foregoing riding gloves), as well as the bike's camo bodywork and seat upholstery.

Visible in the upper left portion of the photo is an encased Koran, opened to a specific passage, as part of the parade decoration.
IRGC now using 3-color desert camo BDUs. Sepah insignia seen on helmet and BDU front left pocket.

On display at the 2009 Sacred Defense parade in Tehran.


Abu Ikhwan said...

Interesting...high mobility tactics especially in urban & mountainious warfare..

Anonymous said...

That is not an example of BDU. That uniform is an example of one called DCU.