Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Air Crash Over Sacred Defense Parade - Update 2

Note: The following text information is superseded here.

It appears that there has been a crash at the 2009 Sacred Defense air show over Tehran, involving an IRIAF F-5 and Il-76 Adnan. There appears to be no survivors; initial reports indicate seven crew members killed. [Source: ACIG]

The official IRNA news bulletin stated that a plane crashed into farmlands just south of the Iranian capital, during an exhibition flight over a military parade marking the beginning of the Imposed War [Iran-Iraq War]. However, inexplicably, the bulletin was subsequently removed from IRNA's news website.

Update: Details remain sketch concerning the aircraft type(s) involved. Boeing aircraft have been suggested, as well as a Saeqeh.

Fars News Agency quoted the Iran Red Crescent relief chief Ahmad Esfandiari as saying that relief workers had found the bodies of seven passengers from a plane which crashed in an area called Qarchak, south of Tehran. The report said the crash took place at around 10:00 am (0630 GMT) in Qarchak, an area close to where an army parade was taking place. Fars, however, quoted a statement by the Iranian air force as saying the plane that crashed was not part of the parade, but was a training aircraft.

Update 2: The involved plane was the ex-Iraqi Il-76MD Adnan 1 "Simorgh" - the only AWACS airframe in IRIAF service (5-8208).


Anonymous said...

I believe it is part of the Zionist media psy-ops disinformation campaign to discredit Iranian military achievements. The IRIAF and all other Iranian media have DENIED any such "crash". There is no indepenedent verfication of claims.

The Iranian Air Force has denied earlier reports that a plane crashed in southern Tehran was connected with Tuesday' aerial maneuver.

“The crash of the plane during training in Qarchak [south of Tehran Province] had no links with the aerial maneuver,” the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) said in a short statement on Tuesday, without giving further details.

Mark Pyruz said...

The bottom MEHR photo of the crash debris shows a D-30 jet engine from an Il-76.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Mark. I also saw the footage at IRIB and it sure was an Il-76 and not related to the air display. From the fuselage pictures, it may have been an old Iraqi jet (in IRGC service) that had previous airworthiness issues. But the "western" and Zionist media gloating over an accident was quite low and sickening.

Iran should be getiing spares from the Russians anyway and upgrading the fleet. Even Russian Airforce has just ordered a new upgraded Il-76's fleet until they work on a new generation replacement transport.

May the victims of the accident REST IN PEACE. God bless Iran.