Monday, September 28, 2009

Student Protest at University of Tehran

University of Tehran. Monday 28 September 2009. Student Protest
Slogans: Marg barg Dictator "Death to Dictator"; "Ahmadi, Ahmadi, This is the Last Message, the Green Movement is Ready for Uprising!"


Anonymous said...

is it not amazing, in a so called "Dictatorship" as the western press keeps claiming, you get reports of protests and demos like we get here in the west.

Its the youth like the west. I kinda think it to be ironic, considering Saudi Arabia and Egypt.(western allies) where you hardly get any information, its like there is no demo or protests.

But I assure you there are more there. and their prisons are diabolic compared to Quantanamo or Abu gharib or Iranian prisons.

Naj said...

Uskowi, marg barg lol!

Anonymous: we never compare Iran to Saudi Arabia or Egypt. And we don't care what they have and what hey don't. Their population may roll up their sleeves and fight for democracy like we have in Iran for over a hundred years! That's not the fault of USA and the west that saudi arabians put up with their regimes inside, and bring their wealth outside to live their western styles!

Iranians are less hypocritical, if you will ;)