Saturday, September 12, 2009

new US and Iran nuclear talks

Talks between Iran and the United States over Iran's nuclear program have seen considerable progress today when it was agreed by President Obama to send a representative to talk to Iranian officials face to face over Iran's nuclear program and other political and economic issues.

This marks the first time since the revolution in 1979 that the US accepted to have diplomatic face to face talks with the current regime in Iran showing new developments between the two countries.


Anonymous said...

What has Irans Nuclear talk with the US (should Israel allows the US) got anything to do with Irans space projects as your photo illustrates.

This is the kind of insult to consumers , as if nobody understands the intentions.

I assure you only the retarded and one way street minded Fox News consumer American, considers the two Issues as one (Irans Nuclear Issue and the Iranian Space research)

If you are to copy Fox news, then one might as well stay with that news Channel and not seek further news by the blogger

Anonymous said...

Thank you for changing the Photo

Paul Iddon said...

no problem.

sorry if you got the wrong idea and thank you for reading Uskowi on Iran!