Wednesday, April 22, 2009

US: Crippling Sanctions against Iran

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today in Washington that if Iran rejects offers of engagements over its nuclear program, the US would impose “very tough sanctions” against the country.

“We are also laying the groundwork for the kind of very tough, I think you said crippling, sanctions that might be necessary in the event that our offers are either rejected or the process is inconclusive or unsuccessful,” Clinton told the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives.

Sanctions on gasoline exports to Iran and oil imports from the county are said to be among the “crippling sanctions” being considered in the event Iran do not accept any compromise on its nuclear program.

Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili said in Tehran today that Iran is ready for “constructive dialogue” with world powers over its nuclear program [IRNA, 22 April].

Clinton’s warning today was the harshest language used by the new Obama administration on Iranian nuclear program. The two countries are inching toward a showdown over the issue. Any crippling sanctions, such as the halt of the sales of gasoline to Iran, can quickly escalate the tensions with Iran and lead into a wider confrontation with Tehran.


Kalash said...

Damn that Hillary Clinton...

Anonymous said...

What a quaint term for blackmail. Here the blackmail is aimed at Iran's nuclear program, but if Iran were to develop a nuclear program based on foreign fuel, as the West claims it wants, no doubt that too would be the subject of blackmail, with yet another justification (support for Hezbollah or Hamas, etc.).

And of course you have to love the euphemistically-named "Iran Diplomatic Enhancement Act." Trying to destroy a country's economy is now "diplomacy." Only in America.

Stand firm, USA is bankrupt

Anonymous said...

give us more! the more sanctions the faster we improve in science and technology because we have no other choice

Kemjika said...

Lol. Just because Obama is now in power doesn't mean political processes/difficulties will be reduced or eliminated. If the US does follow up on more sanctions on Iran,then expect the heat in Iraq and afghanistan to get cranked up-almost guaranteed.