Monday, April 27, 2009

Report: Iran Ship Destroyed off Sudan

The Egyptian weekly El Aosboa has reported that an Iranian ship laden with weapons bound for the Gaza was torpedoed off the coast of Sudan last week, allegedly by Israeli or US forces operating in the area. [El Aosboa, 24 April.].

No independent confirmation of the incident was available.


Paul Iddon said...

are Iran still transporting arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon?

Anonymous said...

hot air coming from Israel's arse!

Anonymous said...

according to the original Arabic story, they used missiles, not torpedoes.

Anonymous said...

iran denies this bullshit

Anonymous said...

Iran denies 'US-Israeli' assault on navy ship
Tue, 28 Apr 2009 14:48:21 GMT
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Iran has dispatched naval vessels to the Red Sea to fight off piracy in line with the international campaign against Somali pirates.
Iran rejects a report that an Iranian navy vessel has been targeted by "Israeli or American missiles" and was ultimately sunk in the Red Sea.

The report "about a missile attack by the US or Israel against an Iranian navy ship" is false, an informed source speaking on condition of anonymity told Press TV on Tuesday.

An Egyptian magazine had published a report, claiming that the Iranian vessel had been targeted by missiles near Sudan.

The unnamed source dismissed the report as the product of a propaganda machine against the Tehran government.

Iran's Navy has dispatched vessels to the Red Sea, in line with an international campaign, to fight off piracy off the coast of Somalia.

Pirates have hijacked more than 100 ships over the last year in the notorious waters of the Gulf of Aden.


Anonymous said...

It's been a couple of days and still no confirmation. I think it's probably nonsense. Among other things, it would be a very provocative act: there's no way of being sure the ship had the weapons, that it intended to land in Sudan, or that the weapons would then make their way to the Sinai.

Moreover, Sudan does not share a border with the Sinai. Any weapons that are transhipped from there must either go through Egypt (which has generally been cooperating with Israeli anti-smuggling efforts) or get loaded on another boat. This last is quite possible, even likely, but these would be local dhows and fishing boats, not Iranian-flag cargo ships.

So the story is most likely false on the face of it, but the second most likely possibility is that the magazine garbled the information. The vessel hit might have been a small craft loaded with weapons the Israelis claim originated in Iran.

If an Iranian-flag ship was sunk it would have a name and there would have been fuel in the bunkers that would pose an environmental threat, and so on. The Egyptian and Sudanese governments would not turn a blind eye to it, especially if the vessel was never boarded to confirm that the weapons were there. The Israelis like to talk themselves up as crazy and unpredictable in order to keep their enemies off-balance, and every once in a while they actually DO something crazy and unpredictable, but it's always calculated and they have just enough support and facts in order to ensure it does them no lasting diplomatic harm. This would fall outside that boundary and I really don't believe it.

Kemjika said...

Yea, there should be alot more stories/reports on the web about this incident. Even on, people haven't brought this issue up yet...Until i get further backup information on this claim, i'll take it as null and void.

Anonymous said...

its not true.. looool

Anonymous said...

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