Monday, April 20, 2009

IRGC Deploys Troops on Iran’s Eastern Borders

Commander of IRGC Ground Forces Brig. Gen. Mohammad Jafar Assadi said today in Tehran that due to an “on-going enemy conspiracy” in eastern and southeastern border regions of Iran, IRGC is building up its forces in those regions [Press TV, 20 April].

“The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps has undertaken the task to counter such plots in the eastern and south-eastern parts of the country,” Gen. Assadi added. “The enemy has infiltrated the borders and forced its way in some far-flung corners and mountainous areas of the country.”

The IRGC commander warned that such threats should not be taken lightly.

Earlier in June, 16 Iranian police officers were abducted by Jundallah (Soldiers of God) at a checkpoint in Saravan which has recently become a hotbed of terrorist activities. Armed insurgents announced in December that they had killed all 16 of the abducted Iranian officers.


Jesse Aizenstat said...

Hmm, very interesting. My first reaction is that it could be someone like Abdulmalik Rigi, a Baluchi insurgent who likes to kill Guardsmen.

Or, it could be as the New Yorker reported last year: JSOC and co waging a clandestine war of internal dissidence from bases in Afghanistan. Who knows...

What is ironic however is that in the Eastern part of Iran, most of the "insurgents" are branded as also being Islamists. This would mean that the mullah Islamists in Tehran are going against likely Sunni Islamists in the Eastern part of Iran. Think so?

Anonymous said...

to abu-Guerrilla:

These Rigi and groups like jundollah are like Taleban/Wahhabis/Al-Qaida. They are not recognized as a sect of Islam. Just like taleban they are Frankenstein monsters created by CIA to fullfill American interests in the region, but just like Taleban/Al-Qaida they will go out of control once CIA dumps them when their bending over is no longer needed, and will bite US back in the ass one day. CIA has to be careful of their Frankenstein monsters, or maybe, they dont care!

Anonymous said...

Jondollah (warriors of US) is the child of that 400 Million dollar budget ratified by the Bush gang before regime change in the US.

Money will run out and their children (Rigi and co) will starve.

might take 5 years, but 5 years is an instance in history.

Iran has been through more and always prevailed.

Nader Uskowi said...

Abu Guerrilla,

Abdulmalik Rigi and co is a safe bet, with at least a precieved, if not real, notion on their part thatthe current administration in Washington is supporting their "movement."