Saturday, April 11, 2009

IRGC Uncovers “Plot” to Overthrow Islamic Republic

Press TV reported today that an IRGC unit tasked with monitoring Iranian cyberspace says it has uncovered a “plot” supported by the Netherlands to topple the Islamic Republic. Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) said Holland was funding online media initiatives by the opposition to stage a “soft revolution.” [Press TV, 11 April]

The “plot” just uncovered by IRGC is a bill adopted four years ago by the Dutch parliament to allocate 15 million euro to fund a Persian-language online newspaper and to help human rights groups critical of the Islamic Republic policies.

The IRGC did not elaborate on how an online newspaper based in Holland can topple the government in Tehran. Either the “uncovering” of a four-year old program is an excuse to further limit Internet activities in Iran or it is an indicative of IRGC’s lack of trust in the popularity and legitimacy of the government that can be overthrown by an online newspaper based in Holland.

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Just watch your backs Iran, never trust anyone them Zionist crazies are just that crazies