Saturday, September 29, 2007

Putin Cautions Iran on Imminent War

Russian President Putin has warned Iran that war is imminent. The French intelligence officials have told Le Canard Enchaine that the Iranians have been warned that the first raids on Iranian nuclear sites will be made by Israeli aircraft protected and guided by US radar airplanes.

Le Canard Enchaine is an old Paris daily best known for its satire but also famous for publishing leaks from highly-placed sources inside the French government. The paper carried the story on its Wednesday edition.

The Russians have also advised the Iranians that the attack will start between the end of Ramadan (12 October) and the beginning of 2008.

On 6 September, Israeli jets supported by US radar and fighter planes, flew across Syria to destroy targets near Turkey. The surprising element of the air strike was the ability of Israeli and US jets to enter deep into Syria without setting off Russian-built radar system in place in the country. The raid was also regarded by Iran analysts as a possible test of air path to Iran. (Please see related posting in this blog- 28 September: IRGC Defector Role in Israeli Air Strike on Syria, and 8 September: Israeli Jets Reportedly Practicing Attack on Iran).

Newsweek reported last week that Vice President Cheney’s office was pushing Israel for such limited strike in order to provoke Tehran into lashing out. The US military would then respond to the Iranian moves. (Please see the posting in this blog – 23 September: Planning an Attack on Iran).

The French intelligence also see continued Russian military support for Iran. The Kremlin has delivered to Tehran modern S-300 Antey and TOR M1 anti-aircraft missiles, batteries of M82 Moskit anti-ship missiles, helicopters, and small patrol boats to distrupt navigation on Persian Gulf.

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