Friday, September 28, 2007

Mujahedeen Reports New Nuke Site in Iran; Tehran Denies It

Mujahedeen Khalgh Organization (MKO) reported that Iran is constructing a secret, new underground nuclear facility near Natanz, the site of the country’s uranium enrichment plant. MKO, through its front organization - National Council of Resistance of Iran, announced the news yesterday in Paris.

MKO reports that the new site is 5 kilometer (3 miles) south of Natanz, located under Siah Kooh mountains. The report says the site includes two tunnels with entrances 6 meters (20 feet) in diameter and a third tunnel that links the facility to Natanz.

The very existence of Natanz uranium enrichment plant was also disclosed by MKO in 2002.

MKO says that the construction of the new nuclear site began in late 2006 and it is believed to be completed within six months.

Ali Larijani, the country’s chief nuclear negotiator, has denied the accusation that there is a secret nuclear site in Iran. Javad Vaidi, Larijani’s deputy, reported Larijani’s denial in a statement issued in Tehran.

If the report turns out to be accurate, it will put Iran in an awkward situation and would certainly hasten any possible military action against the country’s nuclear sites.

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