Monday, April 28, 2008

General Suleimani

McClatchy is providing a lengthy article on IRGC Quds Force General Suleimani, titled: Is an Iranian general the most powerful man in Iraq? It describes in detail Suleimani's role in Iran's mission to expand its influence in Iraq and the ME. A must read on Iran's apparent counterpart to American General David Petraeus.


Winston said...

That's a bit of crappy stretch for you to equate a terrorist thug who has no problem killing innocent civilians and abuse his power with a noble military officer like general Petraeus.

Mark Pyruz said...

Sorry you took offense, Winston.

The comparison was intended in purely objective military terms, and not a reflection of ethical conduct. Both men are military commanders responsible for roughly the same theater of operations.

In the case of Suleimani, the commander has now brokered a total of two military ceasefires in Iraq, one last year and one a few weeks ago. In an objective military analysis, these are accomplishments that shouldn't be diminished by a perspective based upon personal or even national bias.

Winston said...

I was not offended but I am shocked that these days people equate terrorists with normal people.