Thursday, April 24, 2008

Change at Iran's Ministry of Defense

The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution and Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei decreed on Wednesday the appointment of Hojjatoleslam Jamaleddin Mirmohammadi as head of the Ideological-Political Organization of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics. The decree urges Mirmohammadi to concentrate on upgrading spiritual qualifications of the ministry personnel.


Joseph Sixpack said...

Ideological-political and logistics? Are those two somehow related? That sounds like the equivalent of appointing a US General to simultaneously head the Army's Psychological Operations and the Defense Logistics Agency.

Winston said...

LoL.... What a mess!
Joseph, it is like the Political Commissars of the Soviet Union's armed forces. They make sure officers don't shave, stay in line with the regime and soldiers stay lousy by going to prayers and stuff like that. It's a notorious office. I have written about it in my weblog.