Sunday, April 20, 2008

Armor of the Iranian Army

The 2008 National Military Day at Tehran showcased various elements of armor from Iran's Army, including the Zulfigar, the Mobarez, T-72 and T-55. The Zulfigar is an Iranian produced MBT. The Mobarez is an Iranian MBT based upon upgraded British Chieftan tanks. The T-72 (in the photo, sans ERA tiles) and T-55 (Safir-74 and T-72Z) are Russian (Soviet) derived tanks, upgraded by Iran.


Winston said...

Good pics

Anonymous said...

More photos here:

and (Index)

and (weapons systems -- click on desired product at menu on the LH side of the page)

and (ammunition and ordnance -- click on desired product at menu on the LH side of the page)


Anonymous said...

The Mobarez is a Chieftain tank with slight modifications it still retains the fully stabilized and lethal 120mm rifled gun with laser range finder for extreme accuracy but what is different is the engine and possibly gearbox and generator.The old Chieftain gearbox was very prone to oil leaks and engine use to overheat on some occasions but these problems were known when this tank was purchased in the 1970s.Interestingly the then Imperial Government of Iran requested a German diesel engine to be fitted into the Chieftain tanks but the British manufacturers assured the Iranian government that the technical problems would be Ironed out by the time of delivery date.Despite these minor problems the tank was the best in the world at that time and was not surpassed until the arrival of the American Abrams tank in the 1980s and of course the latter German Leopard tank.
Although this tank has been in service as well as the American M60 tank since the 1970s in Iran the tanks that the present Iranian government has purchased the T55 and T72 are very poor war horses in comparison.Which is just as well that these old armoured chariots of distinction should be hopefully and qualitatively upgraded.

The Realist.

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