Saturday, April 26, 2008

Open Source Readings on Iran

This week's suggestions include topics
pertaining to Iranian economics, defense and international
politics. Professor Farhri writes at length about the
challenges facing Iran's economy and the Presidency of
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Sean O'Connor analyzes the
introduction of the S-300PT surface-to-air-missile
system for the defense of Iran. The Long War Journal offers a slideshow depicting purported Iranian arms captured in Iraq. And MESH provides an article by Chuck Freilich that basically accepts that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and that steps toward war with Iran are acceptable.

Ahmadinejad and the "System" by Farideh Farhi
Informed Comment: Global Affairs

Iran and the S-300PT by Sean O'Connor
IMINT & Analysis

Iranian Weapons in Iraq
The Long War Journal

Too Late to Dissuade Iran? by Chuck Freilich
Middle East Strategy at Harvard

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