Monday, March 16, 2009

Britain Warns Iran over Nuclear Program

In a harsh language not heard in many months, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned Iran that its nuclear program has reached a “critical” stage. Tehran will not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons with the potential to kill millions, Brown said.

The Prime Minister added that Iran faced a “clear choice,” giving up its nuclear program or facing “further and tougher” action.

Brown made his remarks during a speech today at a conference on nuclear proliferation in London.

“Iran has concealed nuclear activities, refused to co-operate with the International Atomic Energy Agency and flouted United Nations Security Council resolutions.

“Its refusal to play by the rules leads us to view its nuclear program as a critical proliferation threat.” [The Mirror, 17 March].


Anonymous said...

I wuld not worry what GB thinks, first we are bankrupt, second G.Brown is even less popular then your own president. This is all to please them Zionist crazies as failure to do it will cause GB to collapse even sooner!

Anonymous said...

I agree that existing nukes are far more of a threat than theoretical future ones. I also think PM Brown's statements are purely for domestic consumption. The Iranian government doesn't scan newspapers looking for clues about how Western leaders really feel about them. They get plenty of that in private.

In the end, what is it all worth? Despite economic problems, Iran isn't going to collapse. They're certainly in a better economic position than, say, Nigeria, which continues to lurch forward despite far worse ethnic conflict than Iran has ever had. Iran certainly has powerful enemies, but so does North Korea.

The general solution to the crisis is for the Western nations to acknowledge Iran's right to enrich and for Iran to implement the Additional Protocol.

Anonymous said...

The alternative to what Iran has achieved can be glimpsed at peering across the waters of the Persian Gulf. There the Arab nation is divided, with its richest parts chewed off by the British. The majority of Arabs are dirt poor and cordoned off by the British concocted countries from their wealth. The British created, "Dubai", "Kuwait", "Qatar", "UAE" etc...There are now 300,000 British colonial settlers in the Arab side of the Gulf. And the're loving it! Building useless buildings and what is left over goes to subsidise the the British Stock Exchange, Barclays, Sainsburys, etc..... no wonder Britian is leading the propaganda campaign against Iran.

No doubt British Imperialism wants to do the same to Iran - Plunder and colonially settle.

And lastly, I think the worse thing Iranian leftist can do is listen to the British left. Do they really need the British left which has achieved nothing in all its history? (The Welfare State came from the Liberals).

God bless Iran and may it continue to live free from British Imperialism.

Anonymous said...

Iran will go to be nuclear.
At first for peaceful purpose, and some day if necessarz a military.

and nobody can change it.

we donot fear US-UK-israel as thez war a power, now they are bankrupt and lost the war in irak-afghanistan and lebanon, gaza

who should care about Brown speech ?