Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anti-Iran Sentiments Precede Doha Summit

Preparations are underway for an Arab summit in Doha on 30 March. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are leading an effort to set a new Arab agenda post-Gaza. Near top of their agenda is countering Iran’s growing influence in the Arab world. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal today urged the Arabs to “stand up against Iranian challenge.” Prince Saud made the comments in Cairo, where he was attending an Arab League conference [AP, 3 March].

Pro-Saudi TV network Al Arabiya emphasized remarks by the Saudi Foreign Minister, saying that Arab states are facing the threat of Iran’s influence in the region and its nuclear program [Al Arabiya, 3 March].

Prince Saud’s remark of the “Iranian challenge” is the first direct statement against Iran from a senior Saudi official in years. It is to set the stage for an anti-Iran Doha summit.


Anonymous said...

Iran should not worry what it's Arab neighbours think. Rather it's current strategy of doing trade deals with Africa, South America is the future. Leaving aside Iran's harsh theocratic regime, Iran has rapidly moved into the next generation industry (space, medical, nano etc). The future is bright just bide your time. The US is finished I will even go so far as to say by 21 April.

Anonymous said...

Certain elements of the Saudi Arabia regime supports Jundullah, formerly headed by alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. This and the murderous Salafi murderers of innocent Shias are all part of the Saudi/Israel/US/UK conspiracy!

Watch your backs something probably coming very soon, this summit is to prepare their citizens for this coming violence.