Saturday, March 21, 2009

Khamenei on Obama: They Say, We Say

During a speech in Mashhad today, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei brushed aside President Obama’s recent message for a new beginning in US-Iran relations. Khamenei called for an immediate change in US policies before Iran could change its own attitude toward the US. Below are the excerpts from Khamenei’s speech dealing with Obama’s message, translated from Persian.

“They say they have extended their hands toward Iran. We say if the US is hiding an iron fist inside a velvet glove, extending their hands has no meaning for us.”

“Even in this [Norouz] congratulatory message, the Iranian nation is called pro-terrorist and pro-proliferation of nuclear arms. Is this congratulations, or same old accusations?”

“Supporting separatist and terrorist movements was always a US policy to undermine the Islamic Republic, and we have reliable intelligence that the US is continuing its dealings with the terrorists in the border areas of Iran and Pakistan.”

“In resolving the issues we face, the Iranian nation will act with logic and out of [political] calculations, not with emotions.”

“You need to show more than just a change in your vocabulary. Have you unfrozen Iranian funds? Have you stopped the sanctions? Have you stopped [anti-Iran] dirty propaganda? Have you ended all-out support of the Zionist regime?”

Source:; 21 March 2009

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Anonymous said...

khamenie is a good leader when it comes to protecting a country's dignity from Imperialist hands. Iran is the only nation in that region who doesn't have a US military base in it (well of course Syria the other axis of evil!)