Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gates Calls for Expanded Iran Sanctions

US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said today in an interview on “FOX News Sunday,” that Iran has the capacity to further enrich its current stock of low-enriched uranium should it decide to make a weapon. Gates added, however, that Iran is not enriching “beyond a low level” at Natanz uranium enrichment facility, downplaying Iran's immediate nuclear threat.

Gates said the best way to stop Iran’s nuclear enrichment program is through expansion of the current economic sanctions. He did not elaborate whether the administration was seriously thinking of severe sanctions, such as stopping the gasoline exports to Iran or oil exports from the country.

It appears that Obama administration has shelved military plans and is adopting a policy of tough economic sanctions coupled with power diplomacy in its dealings with Iran.


Paul Iddon said...

does he have any proof that they can or are going to do this or does he want Americans to be afraid of Iran like they were with Iraq before it was invaded in 2003?!?

Anonymous said...

this is how Obama wants to reach out to Iran!