Friday, October 31, 2008

Tragedy at the Kish Air Show

From IRNA:
The 54-year-old German pilot of a plane crashed on the Persian Gulf island of Kish has been killed.

The ultra-light plane crashed while performing air maneuver in the Fourth International Iran Kish Air Shows.

The pilot lost control of the ultra-light aircraft and lost his life as it hit Kish Airport runway.

Over 100 companies from Iran, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, France, China, and a number other counties were participating in the Show.

The exhibition opened on Tuesday and ran until October 31.

More than 80 light and ultra-light planes were among the aircraft on display in the Kish exhibition.

The Show came on the heel of three previous such successful shows organized by the Kish Trade Promotion Center fully supported by Kish Free Zone Organization in cooperation of the Civil Aviation Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CAO-IRI).

A large number of domestic companies active in the aviation, aerospace, airlines and other related industries, manufacturers, research institutes and universities as well as foreign companies took part at the show.

It exhibited vast range of products, systems and services in the aviation and aerospace fields.

The event received a warm welcome from the traders and specialists.

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