Friday, October 3, 2008

Potential Russian Helicopter Deal for Iran

From Fars News:

Kamov, one of Russia's largest helicopter producers, is hoping to sign an agreement by the end of the year to export Ka-226T utility helicopters to Iran, the company's director said on Friday.

The agreement with Iran is expected to be signed by the end of this year, Roman Chernyshev, director of Kamov, said, adding that the agreement would be for "supplying civil rather than military helicopters".

Chernyshev also said that other Russian aircraft makers had already signed similar deals with Iran, in particular, for the delivery of more than 100 Tu-204 medium-haul passenger aircraft.

He said Kamov had received a 2.5-billion ruble ($100 million) loan from Vnesheconombank, or the Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs of Russia, to produce the Ka-226T utility helicopters.

The Ka-226T can carry either eight people or 1.5 tons of cargo and has a variety of modifications - passenger, freight, search and rescue, and patrol.

Vnesheconombank (Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs) was established by the Russian government last year as a national development vehicle to modernize and diversify the Russian economy and make it more competitive.

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