Saturday, November 3, 2007

US Involvement in Attack on Syria

The Jerusalem Post and Al Jazeera quoting Arab and Israeli sources say the 6 September air strike over Syria was actually carried out by two US strategic bombers, with Israeli F-15 and F-16 providing air cover for the US bombers.

The Syrian target was reportedly a nuclear site under construction. The sources add that each US plane carried a tactical nuclear weapon and that the site was hit and was totally destroyed by a single bomb dropped from one of the planes.

On 13 October, The New York Times reported that the Syrian nuclear facility under construction was hit by Israeli planes.

The air strike over Syria heightened concerns in Tehran over the viability of Iran’s radar and air defense systems. Iran deploys very similar Russian-built radar and air defense systems which were rendered ineffective by high-tech electronics measures used by the US and Israeli air forces during their attack on the Syrian nuclear site.

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Bush is an evil!