Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israel intercepts Iranian ship headed for Gaza

From The Jerusalem Post:
The [Israeli] Navy is closely tracking an Iranian ship that has attempted several times to breach the naval blockade imposed on Gaza and transport humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

On Tuesday, the boat docked in Port Said, Egypt, but the Egyptians refused to allow it to unload its cargo and at midnight Wednesday the boat tried sailing into Gaza.
A Navy Sa'ar 4.5-class missile ship intercepted the Iranian boat and transmitted a clear message on Channel 16 - the international communication line for ships - that it would not allow the boat to dock in Gaza.

On Wednesday morning, when it was 30 miles off the Gaza coast, the Iranian boat again tried to move toward the Strip, and the Navy again intercepted it. It then returned to el-Arish, Egypt, and two Egyptian boats prevented it from docking there.
Since that time, the boat has been sitting 30 miles off the coast of Gaza and is being closely tracked by the Israeli navy. Israel and the Egyptians have been coordinating all activity regarding the Iranian boat.

The head of the humanitarian aid group sponsoring the ship, Ahmad Navabi, said in comments aired on Iranian television Wednesday that the Israeli navy approached the cargo ship, Shahed, about 20 miles off the coast of Gaza at dawn Wednesday, and ordered it to turn back.

"An Israeli warship approached our cargo ship and warned us not to approach Gaza. We could see the lights at Gaza coast. We were forced to change route toward an Egyptian port," Navabi said.

This is the first Iranian boat to try to reach Gaza during the blockade. On December 30, a boat carrying activists and medical supplies to Gaza was turned back after an altercation with the Israeli navy. Israeli officials said the boat tried to outmaneuver an Israeli navy ship and crashed into it, lightly damaging both vessels.


Kemjika said...

israel's handling of this world is making Ahmadinejad look like a prophet who warned the muslims of this "evil" entity. Its almost like his predictions and perceptions came to pass. This war might once and for all bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the forefront of the world and hopefully UN to solve it.

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad is not my favourite and I do not support him but he sure understands that 1 + 1 = 2 more so then many other world leaders. I only hope that he does not betray the palestinans for the sake of better US relations under Mr Change Obama

Kemjika said...

Ahmadinejad is a tactical man and he's smart. Iran basically has to choose: the nuclear program or Economic destrangulation. Economic destrangulation will lead to more economic viability, a moderate increase in standard of living etc,but iran will remain vulnerable militarily, and economically still. On the other hand, a succesful nuclear program(with a functioning military component)will neutralize any enemy's military, and strategically place Iran on a solid footing in the world. pakistan made this same sacrifice, and Iran is not going to stop. I don't advise Iran to stop now. As for Obama bringing change, i'm still skeptical. He's just a person in a weird, twisted system we call the US govt, and i'm going to see whether he's able to effectively control the US military with regards to building bases around russia, still embargoing North Korea, Iran etc. I'm worried he won't change some misguided US foreign policies.

Anonymous said...

Search for news about this ship- it appears to be less "huminatarian" than reported..