Monday, January 26, 2009

General Hejazi on the state of Iran’s defense and Gaza

From Fars News Agency:
A senior Iranian commander said that Iran's military is making continued progress with daily innovations in different fields.

"Iranian military progresses have reached the point that we are witnessing innovations, developments and inventions in the equipments sector on a daily basis," Lieutenant Commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) General Seyed Mohammad Hejazi told reporters Saturday night in Iran's northern city of Amol.

The General further stressed preparedness of the Iranian military forces to defend the country and its borders.

Referring to Israel's failure in the 22-day-long war against the defenseless people of Gaza, he added, "The equipments employed by the Zionist regime (of Israel) in this unequal war were today's most advanced weapons in the world."

Noting the Israelis' premeditated plan, the commander assessed that the Zionist regime did not expect Gazans would continued resistance to the end.

Israeli forces failed to attain their military objectives after 22 days of attacks on Gaza's civilians, houses, mosques and schools in which 1400 people died and over 5500 others wounded, most of them women and children.

"The Islamic Resistance's tactics were not known to them (Israelis)," he added, explaining the reason underlying the Israeli army's failure in attaining its goals through the onslaught against Gaza.

The strike on Gaza by Israeli forces must be under study by Iranian and Hezbollah tacticians. Despite Hejazi's brave words, the Hamas defense is probably looked upon as something of a disappointment.


Jesse Aizenstat said...

And here is were it gets interesting. Even if-oops--I mean when Iran goes nuclear, its terrorist apparatus will remain its biggest deterrent. Kind of like Pakistan with India.


Kemjika said...

I disagree. How can you compare the damage of a nuclear bomb to that of a terrorist group? ALl countries know that nuclear bombs are the ultimate deterrent, even for the most advanced militaries.Pakistan uses those terrorist groups for low level warfare with India. Most countries don't want nuclear war, so they opt for these "alternatives" in the meantime, but things can escalate outta control though if care isn't taken.

Jesse Aizenstat said...

Yeah perhaps the "biggest deterrent" part isn't quite the best way of putting it.

But since countries like Pakistan or India both dread a nuclear war (MAD) I think that the terrorist apparatus becomes the deterrent that is most watched--obviously in a different way.

If Iran ever got the balls/the right crazy on the trigger and it launched a nuke at Israel, then both Hamas and Hezbollah would go with it.

Perhaps this particular instance is the best example of how the terrorist apparatus is really the only plausible deterrent--like the Iranians would really nuke al-Quds.

This would be a good article to write: the balance between nuclear and terrorist deterrents.

Thanks for the response,
Abu G

Kemjika said...

no update???????? :(