Saturday, January 10, 2009

Farhi's Analysis

There is a well written piece by Professor Farideh Fahri over at Informed Comment: Global Affairs. It is titled "Israel, Gaza War, Return of "Emboldened Iran," and Obama. Below is an excerpt:

A curious pattern characterizes the recent military adventures in the Middle East. Overwhelming and disproportionate force is utilized in the name of at least temporarily popular objective – combating terrorism, preventing WMD proliferation, restoring deterrence, bringing democracy and so on. But once the human costs and efficacy of attacks in terms of stated objectives begin to be questioned, the narrative shifts and the argument for the sustenance of war, refusal of ceasefire, or even the need for “victory” begins to rely on the line that if a certain party or organization in question is not crushed, all the extremist forces in the Middle East led by Iran will be emboldened.

Read the rest by clicking here.

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